2019 – concept

Vacuums are an inevitable evil, after use (approximately 10min a week), they are useless objects, occupying valuable space and corrupting the atmosphere around them. So we store them out of our sight, hide them in cabinets or behind doors. In times of valuable real-estate, we thought there must be a better way and design a vacuum that rather focuses on its non-task related functions, to work „on“ and „off“.

Trying to taming this technical beast,we design a cork container with a wooden lid, big enough to neatly hold tube, pipes, dust container, and suction nozzle. Its familiar shape and natural materials, make it a fit for almost every home and free up dead space.

Done cleaning, roll up the tube around the dust container and place the pipes next to the plug.

From a technical point of view it works like a "normal" bagless vacuum cleaner

The cork shell serves as an excellent bumper and noise-reducer.

Interchangeable wooden lids, enhance its adaptive character even more.