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„Only together organisms develop skills which exceed individual ones.“

Superorganismus is a Berlin-based design studio that aims to create unique and innovative products by uniting design, technology and sustainability aspects to find beautiful and obvious solutions for complex problems. 

All from one source!

We develop brand identity systems and state-of-the-art product visualizations to create immersive brand experiences.

Inspired by people's lives and living, we focus on contemporary design that questions the history, materiality and function of products to create empathetic objects that embody the values of our time and are in resonance with the values of current living.

We, Tobias Bihlmeyer and Ivo Erichsen, met during our time studying industrial design. After our studies and a long time of freelanced work experience, we established our own studio in 2019 to design minimalistic but atmospheric objects that considers the fact that our lives getting more and more complex.

We are always keen to meet interesting people with engaging ideas and challenges.